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Prequel short story: Buried in the Sky

The people of the Zend don't bury their dead, nor do they burn them. What they do instead is build towers...

When a lonely corpse-bearer sees soldiers on the horizon, he knows that his ancient way of life is over. His country is about to fall victim to an empire on the rise. An empire with a terrible, secret power...


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Book #1: The Fire and the Forge

Would you rather be the conquered or the conqueror?

In a world where cruel gods pull the strings of mortals and people wield the power of the elements, Imharak is forced to flee his home in the wake of an invasion and soon finds himself at the crux of the coming war.


Book #2: To Kill a King

Could you kill the person you loved most to save your people?

When Asherah is faced with the extinction of her people, she will travel north into the mountains, seeking out an old friend who is now king. But it isn't a friendly reunion she's looking for. Asherah's made a deal with the god of the underworld to save her people, and the price of that deal is the king's head.


Book #3: Queen of the Dead Lands

COMING SOON - preview at the end of Book #2


Jack was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He lives on coffee and podcasts, and only leaves the house to walk his dog, Ruben.

He has written two full-length novels in the Pantheon series (The Fire and the Forge and To Kill a King) and one prequel short story (Buried in the Sky).

He is currently hard at work on Book #3: Queen of the Dead Lands.


You can contact Jack directly at He reads and responds to all messages personally. You can also subscribe to his mailing list for a free prequel short story (plus the first five chapters of Book 1), or follow him on Amazon.