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Would you rather be the conquered or the conqueror?

In a world where gods pull the strings of mortals and people wield the power of the elements, the nation of Libera is attacked by its age-old enemy, the Kem, who lay waste to the land and its armies with their demonic powers of fire and steel.

Imharak, a blacksmith's apprentice, is forced to leave his hometown when it is raided and burned to the ground. Together with his master, Gaius, he flees into the wilderness, heading for Gaius' brother, who is caught near a city that has just been conquered by the Kem.

What troubles Imharak is not so much the invasion, but the fact that he shares the same powers as the invaders, leading him to question where he came from.

He never knew his parents - he was raised as a Liberite and destined to be a common blacksmith. His powers had always made him an outcast, and now he starts to think he might have more in common with the conquerors than with the conquered.

Soon, Imharak will find his allegiances torn between both sides. As he and Gaius journey closer to the lion's den, Imharak will discover who he really is and what he is capable of.

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Book #2 in the Pantheon series.

Could you kill the person you loved to save your people?

The war with the Kem has been raging for almost a decade...

When Asherah is faced with the extinction of her people, she will travel north into the mountain realm of Ardos.

Accompanying her is her sister, Nikkal, who wants nothing more than to be a fierce warrior like Asherah, and an ice-wielding prisoner named Decius. Together, they head for the Ardojan capital, where her old friend, Imharak, is enthroned as King of Libera.

But it isn't a friendly reunion she's looking for...

Asherah's made a deal with the god of the underworld, and the price of that deal is Imharak's head.

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​What does it feel like to ride a dinosaur?

We thought we were the first civilisation to live on this planet...

We were wrong.

65 million years ago, an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs. But that wasn't the only thing it did...

It also caused the people who were living here at the time - the Precursors - to flee to a nearby planet. And there they have lived ever since.

Until now...

Seventeen-year-old Jasper Flint finds this out the hard way when he joins his paleontologist parents on a dig in Outback Australia. He finds something there he never expected. Something no one ever expected.

Buried for 100 million years with the fossilised bones of a dinosaur...

A saddle.

The only relic of a super-ancient civilisation who lives on in secret to this day. And some of them don't want their existence known...

One such Precursor returns and resurrects the dinosaur using his advanced technology. He rides it through the dig site, killing everyone but Jasper, who narrowly escapes with his life.

Orphaned and alone, he is visited by another Precursor. A princess named Io, who has also lost a loved one to the rider and knows the vengeance Jasper seeks. She explains that the rider is trying to hide the existence of a secret map their people left behind on earth. A map that, if followed, could save the human race from destroying itself.

Using her time-travelling spaceship, they journey back through history to follow this ancient map and save the world, beset by the rider at every turn...

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